Investigative Look into Cosmetics


Chemistry has always been fascinating, so has makeup. What goes into making lipstick? What is caprylic mean? What's an ester? What are parabens? What is  Polymethylsilsesquioxane? We wanted to know!

As a makeup artist and beauty enthusiast I decided to started investigating some of my favorite products ingredients. 

Have you ever wondered what dimethicone or ozokerite really are? Why to vegans fuss over carmine? Why does Ethylhexyl Palmitate upset some people? Is mineral makeup really "all natural"? 

Starting with my own makeup products, I compile a little folder about makeup ingredients. I am happy to share my notes and what I have found. 

In the coming months, I will to add a comment section to hear about other people's insight into the ingredients and product reviews. 

Not only that, but we loved making our own cosmetics at home. DIY projects are fun, but get mold and bacteria fast! How do cosmetic companies make their formulas last so long? 

We took to our kitchen to experiment. While we studied our experiments, we started researching cosmetic ingredients.